Can You Play Rummy to Make Extra Earnings? Get the App Download for Winning Rewards

People have enjoyed playing rummy because of the obvious entertainment reasons. It’s a fun and quick game that can refresh and recharge your tired or bored mind in a few minutes. But with the advent of online rummy, more and more people have realized the other perks of playing rummy. Along with a superb recreational activity, rummy can also help you earn extra money on the side. Whenever you decide to play rummy, app download is the best option for you. The app is cost-effective and accessible, and it lets you make money no matter the time and place.

How does the rummy app help you to make an extra earning?

  • Earn cash by playing cash rummy

You can earn extra cash by playing cash rummy on your phone. The rummy apps give you the option to choose from either the Free Play version or the cash rummy version. In the former, you get chips or virtual money from the app to play the game. However, in the case of the latter, you deposit real money and also get the chance to win real money. By focusing on improving your rummy skills every day, you can ensure that you win more games, and in the process, win more money.

  • Join rummy tournaments and earn money

To play rummy, download the app from the Appstore on your phone. Rummy apps give you the option to join rummy tournaments, popularly known as ‘tourneys. Rummy tournaments are no different from any other game tournaments. Many experienced and newbie rummy enthusiasts join in the tournaments from across the country and showcase their skills. These tourneys are a wonderful opportunity for you to win cash prizes and rewards. You can either join Free Roll tourneys or Cash tourneys. In the case of the former, a simple initial deposit allows you to join many tables. In the case of the latter, you need to pay an entry fee for each table you want to play in, in addition to the deposit. However, because it’s cheaper, the competition is far tougher in Free Roll tourneys, than in Cash tourneys.

  • Get different bonus promotions and rewards on the app

When you play rummy using an online rummy app, you have the chance of winning many different bonus promotions and rewards. For instance, on your first deposit, you can avail of the WELCOME bonus and win up to Rs.2000! Similarly, the TOP-UP bonus of 50% can help you win up to Rs. 3000, and using the SUNDAY PASSION bonus of 25%, you win up to Rs. 5000! Moreover, you also win a bonus of Rs. 5000 using the Refer a Friend bonus, through which you need to send your friends the link to the app. You will receive alerts for different promotional offers from time to time as well.


When you play rummy on an app, you have the chance of earning extra money. You can do so by playing cash rummy games, joining rummy tournaments, and by availing different bonuses and rewards. Now you can earn money while entertaining yourself! To start playing rummy and making some extra cash on the side, download the RummyPassion app today!


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