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Generally, all writings connected to and written for the World Wide Web define website content writing. In the past couple of years however, the Information Superhighway has become more complicated, resulting to more rigorous delineation of different web terminologies. Here, website content writing becomes clearer. Because the Internet creates a new medium of information, the writing that goes with it is then considered a new categorization.

Website content writing aims to become two things: relevant and searchable. By relevant, this means that the texts present meanings that are helpful, informative, and beneficial to the users. By searchable, it means that the texts employ key words and phrases that can make them easy to find using search engines.

Conventional writing and web content writing are still the same in as much as both aim to present truths when facts are concerned; state opinions wherein opinions are needed; and explore creative imagination through the vividness of the language. Format-wise however, website content writing calls for short paragraphs of very brief sentences. Millions of web pages are publicly available to Internet users, and because of this, reading on the web tends to be fast paced. Readers need to finish a concise article as soon as possible, simply because there are hundreds of pages yet to be seen, and dozens of links yet to be clicked.

Clarity, conciseness, and systematization define website content writing. This means that outlining tools must be utilized most of the time. Titles and subtitles must be catchy and exercise economy of words. Paragraphs must consist of three to five simple sentences. It is easier for a web article to be digested when ideas are divided into several short statements and not crammed into one long complex sentence. In terms of tone, it is generally preferable to use a conversational voice. Use words that typical high school students use when they talk (minus the slang).

A huge portion of web pages is painfully devoted to selling products and services. In the past few years, users have become aware of and fed up with annoying advertisements popping up from all sorts of websites. And because of this, sales talks on the net are usually seen with ridicule and suspicion. Web content writing therefore must be absent of blunt, trite or conventional sales pitches. There is no other way to ward off potential readers than bombarding them with nonsense articles using irritating sales language.

What makes web content writing from other categories of writing is the significance of utilizing key words and key phrases. Because looking for information on the web depends on the major search engines, it is a concern of web writers to use words and phrases that their target readers will use to find their writings. Searchable key terms greatly define website content writing. And because many websites have to compete with other websites in terms of search engine rankings for certain key terms, it is then very crucial that the texts are well written and truly present what the online users are looking for.


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